Demon Generals

Below you will find the ranking system of the Demon Generals of the Army

Imperial Generals  – These are the generals who assist the imperial commanders, they are responsible for ensuring that all commanders, legions and generals underneath them are trained and ready for any battle situation that arrises.  They are responsible for helping the commanders coordinate the attacks and ensuring that the troops are fit and ready to go.  These generals are incredibly powerful and skilled, often competing in battle simulations and competitions to consistently hone their skills and abilities.  They are powerful fighters and trainers and they take into account the army as a whole and how it functions as a group.  They understand the strengths and weaknesses of the commanders underneath them and organize them and their legions in a way that will ensure victory.

There are many special awards and specialities these generals go through and can attain, at this rank they are usually incredibly decorated and have seen and experienced battle on many fronts.  Most are ancients and have deep connections to the Commanders they assist.

***note***  This phrase was discovered and coined by Satan and Suns and its Priestesses, if you see one of these listed under this title  other than at Satan and Suns/Sons it is probably not an outer spiritual world Imperial Demon General. 

Royal Generals  – The Royal Generals are the Generals who assist the Royal Commanders and High Demon Commander.  They are of Royal descent and usually rise in the ranks with the commander they were paired with.  Their job is to assist their commander and help them train and oversee their personal legions and assist them with organizing the commanders under them.  Generals at this level have earned their rank and usually have been paired with their commander for eons.  They have risen in the ranks with their commander each learning to understand each other and using their combined skills to develop battle plans and strategies.  They know their Commander and can step in and take control of their legions if they need to.

***note*** The only demons who can become royal demon generals are the members of the Royal Families,  Just a note, not all members of the royals families who are generals have attained this rank, it is not a given rank, it is one that is earned, but it can only be earned by members of the Royal families.  Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase.  

High Elite Generals – Non Royalty demons who have worked hard to attain the ranks of one of the highest levels of General.  They have the same duties and responsibilities of the Royal General they just do not have the Royal Title. Any demon who is committed and dedicated enough can earn this rank.

***note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin this phrase for the outer spiritual world demon army.

Demon Generals  –  The second path that one who has moved beyond the Brigadier rank can take.  Generals are usually incredible fighters who have demonstrated their ability with strength and stamina and ones who has demonstrated incredible fighting abilities.  Generals are more hands-on than commanders and have less of the strategy, meetings and paperwork.  They report to their commander and work closely with them providing feedback and helping them with coordination and training.  They are also responsible for the hands-on approach for training and working with the legions.  Some demons are better at this approach and the General path is more suited for them than the Commander path and this allows them to continue rising in the ranks without compromising what they are good at.  In Demon Society there is a very big emphasis to play to your strengths.

When Commanders and Generals are paired they are matched for working relationships and being able to function as a team.  They get to be very close with their commanders and have very good working relationships.  They understand each other and Commanders and Generals are screened together very carefully to make sure that complimentary pairs are matched and they will work well together.

Having the Commander General Pair works really well as they then support each other and grow through the ranks together.  If they have incompatible personalities they can request a new General or a Commander, but many times when they are matched they work together and grow their legions and develop advanced strategies and training, and the goal is to have a Commander and a General that understand each other and can work together, while still offering different ideas and insights.  Some Commanders have many generals and create council teams of Generals to organize their legions.  Commanders are given opportunities to organize the structure of their legions and work within their bases to develop their own training and disciplines.

General in training –  Some demons are incredible when it comes to training, strength and working directly with the legions.  They are more action orientated and have a disdain for the more political elements of the army and as such they follow the route of the General, where they continue to engage in hands-on training and overseeing of the legions under them.

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