Demonic Royalty

High Kings and High Queens – The ruling houses of the realm work with the Emperor of their realm to make sure that things are running smoothly and efficiently.  The ruling families of any realm usually all know each other and work closely to ensure that entire realm runs smoothly.  They also coordinate the other Kings and Queens Under them who have their own sub realms and territories.

Examples of known Demon High Kings and Queens:

High King Paimon
High King Sartog
High King Sorath
High King Mammon
High King Asmodeus
High King Belial
High King/President Zagan
High King Amdusias

High Princes and High Princesses –  The Children of a High king and High queen. This rank is one for those who are descended from a Demon High King of High Queen and are a member of one of the Core ruling families.  They often do have their own realms, but have decided not to move to the rank of High King or Queen.  Usually when they have not attained that rank it means that they are more militant and heavily involved in the core military army.  They assist their Families with their duties and responsibilities.  High Kings and High Queens are often much more political and devote their time to the political aspects, where as the high princes and princesses at times are more militant and choose to ascend in the Military ranks over political ones.

Examples of known High Princes and Princesses

High Prince/King Lucifer
High Prince Azazel

Kings and Queens – Demon kings and queens are a royal title. These demons are from one of the royal families and they command and oversee their own realm.  They can and often are also Dark Lords and Ladies.   The Kings and the Queens Oversee realms, the core demons realms and the other demons realms can have different structures and different definitions of what a king and a queen is.  These Demons rule the sub realms of a large demonic realm.  The demon realms like the Hellborn Realm, and the Lowborn realm are massive and have thousands upon thousands of sub realms which are overseen by the demonic kings and queens.

Examples of known Demon Kings and Queens

King Bael
King Beleth
King Purson
King/Count Viné
King Balam

Princes and Princesses – The Children of an appointed king and queen. This rank is one for those who are descended from a Demon King of Queen and have not been appointed the Rank of King of Queen to preside over their own realm, they always assist their parents with their duties and responsibilities. There are situations where there is no direct lineage and a demon in appointed a prince in as rank in order to serve a Demon King or Queen.

Examples of known demons princes and princesses

Prince Vassago
Prince Sitri
Prince/Count Ipos
Prince/President Gäap
Prince Stolas
Prince Seere
Prince Orobas

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