Demon Commanders

Council Commanders  – These are commanders who oversee section of the army and they have to coordinate between Demon Commanders and the Higher ups and coordinate attacks and strategies.  They are usually incredibly gifted when it comes to battle strategies involving multiple units and they attend meetings and organize discussions and well laid out battle plans working with the Commanders who will then execute those plans.  Council commanders have very organized minds and a great deal of understanding when it comes to laying out battle plans.

Specialist Commanders –  They specialize in a particular area of expertise. Some have grounds of smaller legions that are trained to handle complex situations. These commanders have a unique and incredible ability and usually lead a small group of legions who are specially trained to handle sensitive or complex situations that require these skills.  Commanders who are assigned to special legion forces are incredibly skilled and gifted and have worked very hard to develop their unique strategies and abilities.  They are called in for special operations and often are given free reign to design their battle plans and draft their training plans.

Demon Legion Commanders (Demon Commanders)  – Legion Demon Commanders, also Called just Demon Commanders, this rank are the demons who organize and command their legions and troops. They Coordinate with their general(s) and handle the subtleties of training and make sure that the demons are in top shape and know how to handle themselves in tricky situations. Demon Commanders are assigned under a Royal, Supreme, or Imperial Commander and usually are assigned under a Dark Lord.  Some Commanders are assigned under a few Dark Lords and go where they are assigned.

Commander in Training –  Those who have demonstrated incredible ability with organization, handling themselves in tense situations and have incredible strategy and ability can apply to be Demon Commanders.  When they are accepted they begin the path to training to be a commander.  They are usually assigned a Demon Commander to apprentice with. Commanders are the ones who are in control of the legions and often lead them in battles.  They have a great deal of responsibility to ensure the safety of their legions and work with their general(s) and other commanders on coordination and strategy.  Commanders have demonstrated they are responsible and able to handle themselves.

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