Royal Demon Commander

Royal Demon Commander (Also called Royal Elite Demon Commanders)  – Descendants of the Royal Families, the Royal Demon Commanders are the Princesses and Princes of the Ruling Royal houses, These commanders oversee groups of Commanders and Council Commanders to organize the army and make sure everything is flowing smoothly.   They are the Commanders of Commanders and have to structure and organize entire sections of the army.   They have a huge amount of responsibilities and answer to a Dark Lord, or Imperial Royal Demon Commander depending on where they are in advancement.   They are exceptionally powerful and have vast armies and connections at their disposals.  They usually have a team of Demon Commanders and Council Commanders who they meet with to discuss plans and they make sure that all their operations are running smoothly.   They are very focused and disciplined and they have an incredible understanding of strategy and battle and usually are incredible at organizing and planning.

All Royal Commanders have a group of Commanders that they oversee and command as well as their own personal legions that they train and condition for battle situations.  They also are responsible for assessing different battle situations and coming up with new strategies.  Royal Commanders are always looking for ways to improve their trainings and strategies.

***note*** The only demons who can become royal demon commanders are the members of the Royal Families,  Just a note, not all members of the royals families who are commanders have attained this rank, it is not a given rank, it is one that is earned, but it can only be earned by members of the Royal families.  Satan and Suns Priestess’s were the first to coin and define this phrase.  

High Demon Commanders (High Elite Demon Commanders) – Non Royalty demons who have worked hard to attain the ranks of one of the highest levels of Commander.  They have the same duties and responsibilities of the Royal Demon Commanders they just do not have the Royal Title. Any demon who is committed and dedicated enough can earn this rank.

***note*** Satan and Suns was the first place to coin and define this phrase. 

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