Welcome to Elite Demons

Welcome to Elite Demons, on this page we are going to be talking about just that, Elite Demons.  We are going to be covering topics on different demon societal structures and military ranks.  Demons are incredible diverse and vast beings of divine darkness.  They are incredibly beautiful and amazing beings that have a very complex and unique social structure.

Our world is one of many, there are vast realms out there and the layers of the spiritual world are complex and layered.  Demons inhabit many of these layers and a very incredible spiritual being.  They have been incredibly misrepresented here and one of the missions of this site is to expose their truth and explore the incredible beings that they are.

We invite you to join us as we explore the hierarchies and realms that demons inhabit and learn more about them as dark divine spiritual beings.

We Welcome You!

About Us

This Page is a joint working from the High Priestesses of Satan and Suns/Sons ~ The Demon Temple; Priestess Akelta,, Priestess Yllidra, and Priestess Satyra who have cumulatively 20+ years of experience working with Demons, the Demons Lords and Personal Demon Companions.  This Encyclopedia is meant to help aid those who wish to walk a spiritual path with demons and offers complimentary counsel, advise and education to anyone.  Education is our Primary Focus and we enjoy teaching and sharing what we know.

We are passionate about working with Demons and Love what we do and helping other to live a life of pure demon inspiration and guidance.  Walking with demons is an amazing journey and having a Demon Companions in your life is transformational.

As with all Information on our Blogs and Forums the personal information here and articles published by Akelta, Yllidra and Satyra are Protected copyrights.  This material is meant to for educational purposes and if you wish to copy the information to your individual sites we only as that you provide a link back to the page you are quoting from.